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Muslim woman's death in China shows Uighurs' oppression

An Uighur Muslim woman's journey to rejoin her husband in Turkey with her children becomes a twisted macabre testimony of China's torturing of Uighurs

Muslim woman's death in China shows Uighurs' oppression

The recently pronounced death and torture of an Uighur Muslim woman, who set out with her children six months ago to reunite with her husband in Turkey and went missing, has shocked people over the lengths some Chinese would go to for ethnic cleansing.

An ethnic Uighur Muslim woman was detained by the Chinese police along with her two children in Guangdong on her way to Turkey, where she hoped to reunite with her husband.

The indigenous woman, identified as Turgunsul, 32, was first held by the police with her children in the border province of Guangdong in southern China in February. She remained being held for questioning at the detention center with her children for a month.

She was then transferred to the Shaptol police station in the Fevziyat district of Kashgar, in the region's south, where she was reportedly tortured.

She was never heard from afterwards. The police station announced the woman's death only recently previous day due to the security of the sources close to the woman.

An Uighur Muslim, who previously fled to Turkey with the slain woman's spouse, said that the Chinese police took her body to an unknown place for burial. The man speaking to Radio Free Asia on condition of anonymity said that the police explained her death was related to a sudden heart attack.

“She was trying to find an opportunity to cross to the other side of the border when she was detained by the police. She was trying to conceal her identity while she was travelling."

The fate of the children remains unknown. The woman's 16-year-old teenager was also detained in January, but his whereabouts is unknown for nearly six months. The police station, which is blamed for the woman's death, refused to release a statement on the issue.

China's discrimination, oppression and torturing of the Uighur Muslims has not just recently started. It has been implemented for years. Chinese police even strictly ban the Uighur Muslim minority from practicing their cultural and religious activities. So, hundreds of Uighur Muslims have been forced to flee from China through southeastern Asia.

Civil servants, students and teachers have been banned from fasting in working places. The owners of restaurants were ordered to continue selling during Ramadan to continue selling cigarettes and alcohol. The Chinese government has tried to mask its ethnic cleansing campaign under the guise of encounter-terror struggle.